Öz-yaman Construction Industry Tourism Trade Limited Company is a family company which is founded in Bolu at 1980. After the establishment of the company, the company's aim is to show the success in construction and tourism sectors. After the establishment in Bolu, company built the industrial shops and apartment houses with reinforced concrete system. After earthquake in Düzce at 1999, company’s key point has been changed about the construction sector and has been paved the way in the transition to modern building with earthquake. The researchs after the earthquake, the company has met the American construction in building system. After 1999, the company has been started to make the American type villas with lightweight steel construction. The company built American sytle villas in 2000 and put the villas out to customers who are interested in ski tourism.

After 2003 in Muğla Bodrum, the company began to construct villas with reinforced concrete system according to Bodrum’s Architecture. From this year, the company has been constructed 12 closed circuit sites (totally 178 houses) and 1 shopping mall (3500 m2) until today. At the begining of 2014 in Bodrum Centrum, sister company Bolsüt A.Ş. started to construct villas with assurance of Özyaman which name is Lalin Evleri and 24 villas.


The main principle of company is having a forcement to demand of all kinds of customer’s expectations. Öz-yaman construction company is committed to move with the times today as in the past. The company’s target is undertaking the important projects in construction and tourism sector in the future.