Flora Evleri

Features / Details

Flora Evleri is designed to live 12 months of year. It is nearby to Turgutreis marketplace, shopping area and 150m. distance to sea. Flora Evleri consisting of 2 independent part which are located on 4400m2 land. Flora Evleri has special location in Turgutreis. You can walk to marketplace, D-Marin Restaurants, local resaurants, shopping mall, bar and cafes. You can meet your a lot of requirements in big bazaar in Turgutreis on Saturdays and you can reach to bus station in 8 minutes and to shared taxi station in 10 minutes by walking. There are policlinic, pharmacy, construction equipment shops and so on and all shops are near home. Flora Evleri has swimming pool, children’s pool, walkways, security bank and private security.

Year of Project: 2009

Location: Bodrum / Turgutreis