Yalıkavak Lalin Evleri

Features / Details

Yalıkavak Lalin Houses were designed with cascaded layout, suitable with the field topography in Yalıkavak quarter, within a land of 8110 m² overlooking a wide area from Geriş district to Gündoğan. In Yalıkavak Lalin Houses consisting of 7 villas, detached inner court (220 m²) of each house can be reached from the road in housing estate. Basement (195 m²) overlooking the inner court consists of 2 master bedrooms, extension (caretaker’s room), a room for fittings (air conditioning and hot water supply) and reserve areas (covered car parking or alternative living space). Natural light and ventilation is ensured by placing the windows of master bedrooms to the bottom elevation and side yards. The upper elevation reached via stairs from the inner court contains 120 m² ground floor within 810 m² garden. The ground floor consists of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, a hall, terrace and bathroom (WC). The pool designed within the landscaping in garden level has a swimming area of 80 m².

Year of Project: 2015

Location: Bodrum Yalıkavak